Daaw calanka Soomaaliyeed oo 1810 laga taagay Amerika

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Haddii aan isu haysannay inaan calankan innagu uun aan leenahay iney jiraan dad nooga horreeyay oo u soo halgamay, welina jecel ayaa jira. Waxaanse is weydiiyaa maxaa isku mid, isku midab, isku xiddig ka dhigay?

Wuxuu noqday mid qalbigeenna ku qotama oo aan habayaraatee naga go`ayn, haddiise nalaku qabsado maxaad yeeli lahayd?

Bonnie Blue

The flag was first raised in 1810 over the fort of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by a band of Florida troops, the Bonnie Blue served as the symbol of southern independence, and as the official flag of the Confederacy, until it was replaced by the Stars and Bars in 1861.

The Bonnie Blue was used by the Republic of Texas from 1836 to 1839. In 1861, it flew over the capital building in Jackson, Mississippi, inspiring the southern patriotic song – “The Bonnie Blue Flag,” composed by Harry MaCarthy. It was also used in one form or another by numerous southern confederate states.

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