Puntland Navy forces arrest four terror suspects in Gar’ad

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Puntland Navy forces on Saturday apprehended four terror suspects in Gar’ad town as they were regrouping to launch attacks in Puntland.

In a security operation which is taken by the security forces reportedly detained three Yemeni nationals and one Somali in the remote coastal town following a public tip obtained by the regional forces.
Gar’ad police chief, Abdinur Abdullahi Hirsi said the apprehended suspects claimed to have docked at Gar’ad port for refueling.
Police is interrogating them for further details on their aim to the regiona�?A� said Hersi.

Gar’ad which is a former Pirate stronghold was last year captured by Al-shabaab milatants before fleeing the town as a result of an intense fight with Puntland forces.

Last week, unconfirmed reports claimed that Alshabaab fighters from Harar-dhere town have been regrouping in the region to carry out attacks.
The region coast lies near the war torn Yemen where Al-Qaida and Ismalic State militants are active.

Early November, U.S. unmanned planes carried out their strikes against British mullah led IS fighters in Qandala village.

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