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Dear brother in Islam

Date: 02/04/2021.

Dear brother in Islam

Mr. Kimbowa Faisal

Fedha Estate-Gate 2

Furaha Court, House # 1679

Embakasi Nairobi.

Tel: +254 111 300 715 E-mail: kingfaisal7922@gmail.com


RE: Request For Financial Assistance.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rrahim. Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

I greet you in the name of Allah. The Most Gracious. The Most Merciful. Peace, Mercy, and the Blessings of Allah be upon you. I am called Kimbowa Faisal, 41 years of age. I am a Muslim man from Kigali Rwanda, and I am a Rwandan by nationality. I am a married man with 3 children, though I lost 98% of my family members and relatives during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. I do not have a Father, Mother, Aunties or Uncles; all were killed during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Our parents left us as 5 children (siblings) and I am the elder among them, others I left them in Kigali Rwanda when I was running away for my life in exile.

A. Reasons why I am Refugee in Nairobi Kenya:

I am here in Nairobi Kenya as a refugee, I ran away from my country due to security reasons. I was going to be killed last in December 16, 2019, and Allah saved my life. I was civil servant for 10 years working as a Senior Customs Officer in Rwanda Revenue Authority, Customs Services Department in Kigali-Rwanda.

Some of big personalities in the Rwanda Revenue Authority and other people outside the institution wanted to kill me, wanted me dead because of the classified information I had that had connection to national security of the republic of Rwanda. On December 16, 2019, as I was on duty at the border post of Gatuna neighboring Uganda. As the Border Customs Manager in charge of imports and exports at that border, as required by the customs process and procedures and or regulations, all imported goods have to be inspected or examined before entering into the country (Rwanda).

I inspected one of the containers that were entering into the country that had blue channel trade facilitation, by doing so; I found that one of the containers carrying illegal imported weapons with fake documents and fake goods description in the container from China. These weapons were not imported by the government of Rwanda or by the Ministry of Defense, and in any country, individual persons are not allowed to import weapons! May be those weapons or guns were illegally being imported in the country to be used to kill people or cause insecurity in the region.

During that night around mid-night, I was immediately abducted by unknown people with help of some intelligence police officers in the government of Rwanda who worked hand in hand with those people who had imported illegal weapons. I was arrested and taken by ununiformed people who said that they work for the government of Rwanda. By arresting or abducting me, they made sure that no one knew all about that was taking place around me.

Neither my family or wife or other customs staff whom we worked together, knew that I had been taken to be killed. They tortured me as they were asking me to tell them who gave me the information to inspect that container and after inspecting it, to whom did I give the report about the weapons or guns I found inside that container. I refused to say anything, until I heard one of those men talking to one of big bosses in Rwanda revenue authority and customs administration, instructing them not to kill me before I could say anything.

During that night, I was transferred to one of the safe houses for more torture, after 3 days I started developing heart attach problems and no one knew about all that was taking place on me. When I was taken for heart medical treatment, I arranged with medical team, put me into the ambulance, and rushed me to the airport and I managed to escape. When I reached here in

Nairobi Kenya, I communicated to my wife who had reported me to the security organs of Rwanda that I had gone missing when I was on duty and all my phones are off.

On 24th December 2019, Rwanda Revenue Authority emailed to my inbox that I have been suspended from duties as that, there is unknown investigation being carried out on me. After one-month RRA administration, sent another e-mail to me stating that they have reinstated me back on duties, but all they wanted was to re-arrest me again or get good opportunity to kill me well. I replied to them that that I left the country and went abroad for medical treatment but I did not tell them in which country, I was in!

On 31st March 2020, they determined my employment contract and frozen my bank account so that I should not withdraw any amount of money on it. When I reached here in Nairobi, I was helped by one of my friend who is a Christian. He lives there at Avenue Park 1 Estates-Embakasi. After telling him all about that happened to me, he advised me to report to the Rwandan Embassy here in Nairobi Kenya, and I request the Embassy to call the authorities in Kigali Rwanda to protect my family and relatives as they had been left in danger. Then I reported to the Rwandan Embassy here in Nairobi Kenya and I reported all that happened to me with effect from 16th December 2019, after making the inspection of the container that had illegal importations guns into the country.

After meeting with 1st Secretary General in Rwandan embassy and Rwanda High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Rwandan Embassy, early this year, I also wrote a letter to the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Office of the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice in Rwanda and to the Minister of Public Works and Labor in Kigali Rwanda. I decided to write to them and report to the Rwandan embassy here in Nairobi Kenya, because I do not have any issues or problem with the government of Rwanda and this can be proved by the good conduct record certificate I was sent to and I wanted security to my family and relatives, too.

Authorities in Kigali Rwanda requested me to be staying here as they are still making secret investigations on the information I provided to them and when the investigation is over, I will return home safely. The Rwandan government through its embassy here in Nairobi Kenya, helped to give me a new E-passport as the one I had for 5 years, was going to lose value soon,

then it would be a big problem to me to travel out of Kenya with an invalid traveling document (Passport).


B. Reasons why I am writing to you as my fellow Muslim brother.

As I told you above that the man who had given asylum at his place here in Nairobi Kenya, is a Christian. I had stayed with him at his home for almost 9 months. Time came when he told me to leave Islam and be converted to Christianity, so that he could keep on helping me. He went further and told me that after being converted to Christianity, I should marry his Christian girl and be my wife and forget about my family (Muslim Wife and 3 children) I left in Kigali Rwanda and I have to forget about returning back to Kigali Rwanda to be united with my family, which is totally impossible in all means.

Immediately after rejection his request or wishes, life started to be harder and harder for me here in Nairobi Kenya. Getting food was a major problem and everything started becoming hard and harder for me! Then I planned to shift and look for a small house to live in, that is how I came to rent a bedsitter here in Fedha Estates; Furaha Court at house # 1679. Though life is hard for me here, but it is not the same as to keep on staying with that man at his place or home.

I am humbly writing to you kindly requesting you to give me charity (Sadaqat). I need financial help which I don’t have any source from anywhere. I am now renting a house of 10,000 Ksh ($100 USD) per month. I have to pay security and clearness fee of 500 ($5 USD) Ksh per month, water bills of 700 Ksh ($ 7 USD) per month and electricity bills of at least 500 Ksh ($5 USD) per month. Getting food also is another major problem to me, but In Sha Allah, will be getting. Ramadhan is coming up and I don’t have the means to fast well as it is hard for me to raise my Futari during breaking the daily fasting.

I have a Degree in Business Administration and 10 years’ experience in Customs operations, process and procedures, regulations and warehouse management and logistics. As you to a foreigner of a status like this one of mine, it is hard to get a job or get what to do here in Nairobi Kenya, though I am willing to do any kind of work that I may come across to me!

With your good heart of charity and many other Muslims around you, with Allah’s will, In Sha Allah, I have a belief that you can help me with Sadaqat contribution and may or from other Muslim brothers that are your friends. I will be more grateful if my request is put into your considerations and any assistance accorded to me is highly appreciated. May Almighty Allah keep you firm and alive. Peace, Mercy and the Blessings of Allah be upon you.

N.B: I have tried as much as possible to present my case to the Muslim Communities here in Nairobi Kenya seeking for financial help. I contact the following Mosques:

1. Fedha Mosque through Iman Sheikh Mohamed Mursal. Mobile phone No.: +254 721 323 123.

2. Al-Huda Mosque South B in Nairobi, Iman Sheikh Mubarak Awes. Mobile Phone No. +254 707 245230

3. Jamia Mosque through Deputy Iman Sheikh Jamaludin Osman.

Administration Jamia Mosque


P.O.BOX 100786-00100


TEL: +254 202 2443 504/5

CELL: +254 725 302 444 / +254 786 786 060 E-MAIL: info@jamiamosque.co.ke

Fedha Mosque and Al-Huda mosques were able to contribute for me $ 200 USD each Mosque giving me $ 100 USD for rent last year 2020. I am now stranded here, and next month 13th April 2021, we are starting fasting for Ramadhan. I have no means and help here that can make me fast well, since I have no relatives around here and I don’t have any source of income.


On the attachment I have forward to you, there are two documents of cabinet meeting in Rwanda that took place last year. You will see where there Rwanda Revenue Authority. After reporting my case to the office of President, the cabinet decided to change the entire administration of Rwanda Revenue Authority as most of them had a practical hand in illegal importation of guns and weapons in the country that would have been used to start a war.

Thank you,

Your Muslim brother,

Kimbowa Faaisal.

May Peace be upon us all

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